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Your Emptiness Is God’s Fulfillment

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

You may be wondering how can my emptiness be God’s fulfillment? Naturally, we think that in order to be used by God we must bring something valuable. Kind of like how back in the day when commoners would go before royalty for requests, they had to bring a gift.

It was disrespectful to show up empty-handed.

That’s the amazing thing about God. He loves when we have room for him. He doesn’t expect a fancy gift, he really only wants our heart. No matter the state it’s in. As long as we are willing to give it he’s ready to take care of it.

When we feel that we lack there is less chance of us thinking we can do it all on our own. This means more chance of us being willing to let God do his thing in us.

There are SO MANY examples in the Bible of people who felt empty. But their emptiness became God’s fulfillment.


Biblical Time:

The Bible describes to us in EXODUS 4:10 that Moses had a speech impediment. He wasn’t sure how he of all people could go to Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of Egypt. He even asked God why he couldn’t send someone else! But God basically told Moses that he was in control and that he would teach Moses.

Even though Moses was doubtful of himself he was obedient unto God. And God worked through Moses, leading thousands out of captivity into the Promise Land.

Current Day Imagery:

God wants to use you and me to be mouthpieces of his word. Leading people out of captivity (sin) into the promise land (God’s truth + heaven).

Paul: ACTS 9

Biblical Time:

Paul was previously known as Saul. Saul actually wanted to kill those who followed Christ and taught of his teachings. But God revealed himself to Saul and told him that in hurting him, he was also hurting himself.

At that moment Saul saw spiritually but God took his sight physically. He then instructed Saul to go to Damascus where his sight would be healed and he would be baptized.

After this, he became Paul who is known to be one of the greatest leaders and Christians in the Bible.

His name tells the story. Saul means to question. Which I believe he did. He questioned this, God, people were worshipping which led him to want to fight it. Because it’s human nature to want to fear the things we don’t understand. But in God revealing himself and taking Saul’s sight he was humbling him. And that is what Paul means, to be humble.

Saul became humbled in God.

Current Day Imagery:

God wants us to let go of the things we don’t understand spiritually in the physical. Because our physical nature can not fully understand such a spiritual God. So he wants us to humble ourselves, let him lead us, and guide us. And sometimes that means becoming blind physically so we can learn to see spiritually.

2 Corinthians 5:7


Biblical Time:

Esther was an orphan. Who then was presented to the King and chosen to be his new Queen. Esther then lived in the castle among her cousin/guardian who also served the King. Another man that worked beside the King convinced him to order all Jews to be killed.

Esther herself was of Jewish blood but the King did not know this.

Esther’s cousin went to her on the behalf of the Jews, encouraging her to speak to the King and to change his mind. Revealing to her that if she were to stay silent with her secret her people would die. And after all what good is it to be close to the King and not use the favor you have.

So Esther revealed her true identity, her people, and because she had favor with the King all her people lived.

I’m sure Esther was fearful at first to speak up. Her life was at stack too. But she did with the support and help of your cousin. Even though she dealt with fear she did not go timidly but she spoke boldly before the King.

And in doing so she saved the lives of many.

Current Day Imagery:

Ester’s story is a perfect example of how we the church and bride of Christ are to be. Even though spoking up for others can be scary. You may be persecuted, teased, etc. But we have favor with the King of Kings. And we should all be looking out for each other. We are each other’s people. God continually shows us in the Bible how we are to be a light in the world. To love those who know no love, to give shelter to those who are lost. And with the help of each other, we can walk in boldness as Queen Esther did.


Biblical Time:

We all know the story of Joseph.

Joseph was the youngest and most favored in his family. His older brothers harbored jealously toward Joseph for years. And it became even stronger when their father gave Joseph a coat of many colors.

Joseph had a dream one night revealing to him that someday his brothers would bow before him. He decided to share that with me. Why? I’m not sure, kind of arrogant in my opinion. But that dream only fueled their jealousy and anger. So, they decided to react. They sold him into slavery and lied to their father saying he had died.

Well, that backfired. Fast forward, he was saved, sold for money, became a steward, seduced, accused, thrown into jail, made governor of Egypt.

During a famine, Joseph had rationed out the food among the people. His brothers came to him asking for food not knowing that he was their brother. He granted them their request and then revealed who he was. In shock, he then invited his brother and father to live closer so he could take care of them.

Current Day Imagery:

Despite how Joseph’s brothers treated him he still showed love and mercy towards them. I believe God used Joseph’s story to teach us several things he knew we would struggle with.

1: Understanding that sometimes our advisories are what direct us towards our purpose.

Have you ever wondered what would have become of Joseph if he was never sold by his brothers? Sure he would have lived under the love and favor of his father and mother. But comfortability doesn’t produce leaders.

2: Showing those that hurt us mercy and love.

This one is probably the hardest one for most people, including myself! Joseph had the opportunity to deny his brothers. No one would have argued with him, he was the governor. But instead, he chose to be the example. A reflection of God. Because how many times have you and I fallen short and in doing so hurt God? But every single time he forgives us and still loves us!

You see God demonstrates through each of these people how he can use your emptiness and lowest of lows for his glory. M

oses in his doubt, Paul in his pride, Esther in her fear, and Joseph in his betrayal. God turned each condition into a story of glory. And he wants to do the same in our lives.

Because your emptiness is God’s fulfillment.

There is so many more example in the Bible that can show and teach us how to be Christ-like! So if you would like to share even more let me know in the comment section!

Remember to BU,

Samantha Nicole

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