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The Power Of A Homeless Man

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

That’s what I thought.

On January 1, 2022, my mom and I were out running errands together along with my foster sister. As we were leaving an area of stores we saw a man sitting on the curb with a little cardboard sign that you couldn’t read. My mom decided to circle around to take another look. As we passed by for the second time I made eye contact with him. And I could see the tears in his eyes.

My mom decided to turn around again but this time not to pass but to pull over. I agreed. Because we had my foster sister with us I stayed in the car while my mom walked across the street to this man. When she got to him, he looked up with tears streaming down his face.

My mom then continued to offer what she could, a meal over at Subway. She expressed that he would have to meet us there for safety reasons. But then a man with a truck stopped. He agreed to let this homeless man ride in the back of his truck over to meet us.

Once we arrived I introduced myself to Adam. We all walked into Subway and my mom told him to order whatever he liked. And he just ordered a basic turkey sub, nothing special. He shared how he was in a rough patch. His friends abandoned him and his family wanted nothing to do with him. All this time, he kept saying, “Thank you, thank you so much.”

While he ate my mom reached out to a friend that had resources and tools for Adam going forward.

Before we left, my mom said to him, “I wish there was more we could do but we would like to pray for you before we go.”

So right there in front of Subway we bowed our heads and said a prayer.

He thanked us one last time before going back to our normal day.

This story may seem like just a good deed or a Christian thing to do. And although it is, my encounter with this homeless man reminded me of a few things.

The Power Of A Homeless Man


More than often we are so full of pride or fear to ask for help. And I’m sure there was some of that in Adam too.

Fear of rejection, a pride that says, “You’re pathetic.” But once we hit a place of desperation our needs become greater. Adam couldn’t ask for help in a grand way, he did it dirty, tired and defeated. But he still did it.

His cry for help reminded me that we should never be afraid to ask for help, especially from God. No matter how dirty we’ve become, or how good we think we are, God cares about us. And he wants to be our shelter and provider. There are so many examples in the Bible of God seeing the lowest of lows. And he still does because he is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


I wonder how many people drove past Adam. How many made eye contact but suddenly acted like they were too busy or didn’t even see him. But, once my mom pulled her car over, another followed. It’s easy to forget how one small act of kindness can start a chain reaction.


Adam asked for help and he gratefully accepted what he was offered. He didn’t demand more or construed a bunch of lies to get more. He was simply grateful for what he had been given. That amazed me! And I thought to myself, that’s how we should be when we go to God in prayer.

Instead of coming and listing off a bunch of wants and “needs”, we just pray, “God, I need you and whatever you have for me, I want it.”

It’s ok to pray specific things, but I’m talking about how sometimes we think we know what we need and when. Or, when we take advantage of God’s goodness. When we should already be content in God and his blessings.


The whole time we were with Adam, he kept thanking us. He wanted us to know how grateful he was and how much our kindness meant to him. His gratitude inspired me to check my spirit. Am I always in a mindset of thankfulness to God? I am extremely blessed and I should never stop giving all the praise to God for it!


The last thing is prayer. Don’t be afraid to step out in faith and pray for someone. Because prayer changes things!

It can seem daunting but demonstrates the boldness that God has given you and me. So, whether it’s a co-worker, family member, friend, or complete stranger, don’t be ashamed.

It’s amazing how God can use so many situations to teach his children things. Sometimes it’s the basics, but we need to be reminded of those once in and while. Although my experience was nothing dramatic or spectacular, it allowed me to witness the power of a homeless man.

Remember to BU,

Samantha Nicole

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