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Sweater Guide: different ways to wear them

Now that Fall/Winter has arrived all the sweaters have come out! I love sweaters but it can be easy to fall into the trap of wearing them the same way. So I decided to put together this guide to inspire some styles for your personal lookbook.

This post is also in collaboration with Dear-Lover WholeSale. They offer a variety of sweaters so don't forget to give their site a visit!


You can take any loose sweater and make it more fitting by simply adding a belt. This works perfectly for a more dressy look. However, the loose sweater look still works great especially if you're on your period...because well, we know what that is like!

Pro-tip: If you want to achieve the loose sweater look with a flowy skirt, I recommend the sweater be below your butt because then it won't cut you off and look weird. Your goal is for it to flow into the dress!


This look is one of my favorites! The possibilities are endless. Throw over a corduroy jacket, a blazer, a trench coat, or even a hoodie for a more elevated yet relaxed look.

BUTTON-UP: underneath

Okay, so I know that I said the look before was one of my favorites. And that's true! But I think this one is my favorite. There is just something so classy about this look that I love. You can fold in the sweater (left photo) so the button-up is more visible or you can leave the sweater un-tucked (right photo) Either way, you can't go wrong!

Pro-tip: You can do this with a dress too!


Here, I want to showcase the different styles you can do with a sweater and flowy skirt.

Photo #1: Classy/Feminine

Photo #2: Casual/Streetwear

Photo #3: Boho/Earthy

Photo #4: European


I had to throw this look into the mix because it is oftentimes overlooked. If you want to achieve a simple Parisian look, this is the look!


When in doubt pencil it out! That's an easy MOTTO to live by, I think. The left photo has a more simple but classy look. And imagine a pair of loafers! On the right, we have the classy but athletic look! Wow, a pair of shoes can really change everything, AM I RIGHT?!


Okay, so I know this has a more Coastal vibe to it but it can totally work during the Fall. Especially during those cool mornings and evenings.


Last but certainly not least, DENIM! We all do not need to be reminded that denim will never go out of style. It will live forever so of course, I had to showcase it. You can use denim for a classy or for a more edgy/streetwear look, your choice!

I hope this guide helps you explore the different ways to wear your sweaters this Fall and Winter. Don't forget to check out some WholeSale Sweaters if you want to find something to try out a particular look!

God Bless and remember to BU!

-Samantha Nicole


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