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From Rejection To Abundant Blessings

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Life is full of rejection, but also full of abundant blessings. And more times than often our blessings are tied to those rejections. We naturally want to associate every good thing with a good deed. But sometimes God uses the doors that don’t open for another door he wants to open.

A perfect example of this is Leah from the Bible. Her story shares so many reflections that you and I can relate to.

Gen. 29

Leah was mainly portrayed as a woman who was less desirable. Especially compared to her younger sister; Rachel. Which left her feeling unwanted and unloved. And I’m sure that alone, is relatable for a lot of us.

So while her sister Rachel was young, beautiful, and most loved by Jacob, Leah felt unseen.

Because she felt all of these things she cried out to a God that DID see her.

And God heard that cry. Leah, being the one 2nd to her sister gave birth to their first son. Which was a huge honor and privilege. She named him Reuben. (Gen. 29:31-32)

Reuben means “see, a son” because God saw her misery.

Despite her feeling alone, she finally felt seen by someone different; God.

She then gave birth again. This time she named their son Simeon. (Gen. 29:33)

Simeon in Hebrew means “Shimon”, which means to hear or be heard.

Leah chose that name because not only did she feel seen but now, heard.

She didn’t stop there. Leah then gave birth to two more sons. (Gen. 29:34-35)

Levi meaning attached/joined because Leah still longed to be attached to Jacob. No matter how many children she gave to Jacob, Rachel still held his attention more.

But even then, when she gave birth to their fourth son and she named him Judah. (Gen. 29:35)

Meaning Praise to Yah.

Leah decided that even though she never received the attention she craved from Jacob she would STILL give praise to God.

Why though? After being unwanted, living in her sister’s shadow, and chosen only out of deceit, why would she choose to give God praise?

From Rejection To Abundant Blessings:

Because God blessed her THROUGH her pain!

You see, Leah named each child as a reflection of her situation but also her spiritual state.

Each season looked different from the previous one and you can see her growing little by little after each blessing BUT also each denial!

Despite her desires being denied, she found a way to focus on the blessings of God.

And God took what she thought was most important and gave her something so much more.

It’s in Leah that we see how one can go from unloved to beloved by THE KING and the rejection from her husband became her harvest for abundant blessings!

What desire do you long for but you are denied time and time again?

To be popular, to have a lot of friends, to have a particular position in your job or church, to have a boyfriend, or whatever it may be?

Where do you feel unseen and unheard?

Leah is your example.

It’s in the unseen and the unheard places that we can grow more intimate with God.

And that’s where your denial can turn into your greatest blessing.

SEASONS OF BIRTHING: (spiritual reflection)


This is where we go to God and realize that he sees us even when no one else does.


The knowledge that God see’s us can oftentimes be easier to accept than knowing we are heard. Coming to a place of knowing you are always heard can open a powerful door for your prayer life!


This is where the true understanding that we are seen and heard by God can bring us closer to him. Allowing us to not only know of him but attach ourselves to him.


Our denials no longer bring the same grief they once did because now we choose to give praise to Yahweh despite them!

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