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I love creating things that can inspire others! Growing up I always struggled to find confidence because of the things I went through.

It wasn't until later that I realized my true identity is in God!

So, I decided I wanted to create a space and community for other women, to help them discover that too and feel a part of something.

Because no matter what season of life you are facing right now, you are never alone!


I have always had a desire to share something of purpose. But something that also allows me to dream and be creative. Choosing a name was especially important to me! I wanted something that spoke value while also being relatable.

After some time "Beautifully Unfinished" was laid on my heart and I instantly fell in love.

     I personally connected to it because we are all unfinished but in the eyes of God, we are beautiful. Society has taught women that to be beautiful we have to look a certain way. We have to have it all together. Especially on the outside.

The amazing thing is, God loves us as-is and who we are in this very moment of our life. No matter the season of life. And through it all, he always sees more than we see in ourselves. He desires to cultivate and shape us into a bigger purpose that we can't even imagine. All while he is forever seeing the beauty and potential we already have.

  The desire that I have for this blog is for it to be full of encouragement, comfort, inspiration, and hope. A community where you can feel a sense of purpose while having fun! And where you are reminded that you have a story that's unfinished.

But just as beautiful and unique as the next!

So remember to BU. 

Love, Samantha Nicole

hi, I'm Samantha nicole

why beautifully unfinished?

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